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Elevating pet nutrition to human standards and beyond...™

Vitamin for Cats Review

"Every so often, you find a product that makes you wonder, why did it take me forever to find this?! This is that product. The liquid is super easy to add on the food and my cat has never looked healthier. Thank you so much for making this vitamin formula for cats, it really is the best!"

- Heidi, California 10/15/2010

vitamins for cats reviews

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About Nusentia™ Pet Supplements

At Nusentia, we're elevating pet nutrition to human standards and beyond...™


At Nusentia our goal is to elevate pet nutrition to human standards and beyond. Our commitment is to create high quality pet products which are based on specific research for the pets they are intended.

We value the relationship with our customers and keep the health of their beloved pets always in mind. Our promise of creating more advanced and sophisticated formulas which will promote the health of pets is realized through:

We hope you become part of the Nusentia family and let us serve the health of your pet over its lifetime.

Wishing you and your pet the best of health,

The Nusentia Team

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Get Ready to See Amazing Results and Give Your Cat the Nutrition He Needs or Your Money Back!

Customer Reviews

"...great product!"

Customer: Jona B., California USA
Cat: Chelsea, cat had itchy skin and dandruff
"Our 5 year cat had a terrible time with itchy skin and dandruff everywhere... this is a great product. I am so impressed with the results. Her skin and coat look supple and beautiful!"

"...Highly recommend it!"

Customer: James, New York USA
Cat: Tiger, cat had allergies
"I am 100% cat lover and I saw that Tiger was suffering from bad allergies. He was itchy, losing fur, scratching, etc. Overall, he did not look very healthy or behave healthy either. I added the vitamins to his food each day and in a couple of weeks I noticed a drastic improvement all over. Skin looked healthy, fur was softer and fuller, shedding seemed to be much less, and the scratching was gone. Well done with Spectrin!"

"My cat is beautiful now because of the vitamins..."

Customer: Margaret N., Florida USA
Cat: Dutchess, yeast infections and allergies, itchy skin
"My cat was scratching constantly and had some infection issues with hot spots on the skin. I used Spectrin and Probiotic Miracle to combat the issues naturally without having to go to my vet. This combination did the trick and saved me a lot of money at the same time. I tell all my friends about this combination for their cats. Plus, super easy to use, I just pour the liquid on the cat food. The Best!"